Woman in Tunisia complains of UTI, doctors find broken drinking glass in bladder

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A woman in Tunisia was shocked when she found out that the reason for her infection was a broken glass inside her bladder.

A 45-year-old woman had complained of multiple urinary tract infections (UTI) over the years. It got so severe that she had to be rushed to the hospital. She explained that she was “leaking” and was in unbearable pain.

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When she arrived at the Habib Bourguiba University Hospital, the doctors started running tests and starting to be doubtful that it was UTI.

After the scan and tests, the doctors were shocked to find a broken tumbler stuck in the woman’s bladder. According to the reports, the doctors discovered a big bladder stone enclosed in glass. The stone was a ‘huge’ 8-cm diameter and totally enclosed in what seemed to be a drinking glass.

Bladder stones are hard masses of minerals that form inside the body when the bladder is not completely emptied. Doctors have observed them growing around foreign items discovered within the body.

Image by Science Direct

The odd case was published in the medical journal, Urology Case Reports.

The doctors performed surgery to remove the bladder stone. They then cracked the bladder stone open to expose the drinking glass that had been in her body for years.

After two days, the patient was on her way to recovery and was discharged to be sent home. The doctors noted that the patient had no medical history except mood disorders

The medical report concluded: “Complicated forms are those diagnosed late and often associated with recurrent urinary tract infections. The best treatment remains preventive by balancing the underlying etiopathogenic disorder and by a good sex education.”

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