Career Woman Falls in Love With Online BF, Finds Out He’s a Millionaire Only During Marriage Preps

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Admit it or not, but social media plays a very huge part of many people’s day-to-day lives. Through this, people can get connected from different places in the world.

Some people use the platform to find relatives or long-lost friends, while other seek love. Though many people tend to believe that true love cannot be found online, still many others try their luck.  Who knows?

Many have attested anyway that they have found their ideal match through online platforms.  There are shared stories of successful relationships which began only through social media and ended up marrying each other, just like the couple Nguyen Van Anh from Hanoi Vietnam and Dang Tuan from Russia.

Just like other women, Van Anh was already successful in her career, However, she wanted to fill a void in her life and probably felt it was time to prioritize a possible lovelife.

Back in May 2016, she was reportedly browsing on Facebook a page of her idol, A vague man’s image in the background caught her attention. She was so curious about the guy so she messaged him hoping that the guy would take notice of her and introduce her to his idol. He was Dang Tuan.

Although he was not close to her idol, he messaged her back; much to her surprise. That exchange of messages started it all.

They got to know each other through chats for six months and started to have a romantic online relationship thereafter. They fell for each other’s personality. Love bloomed.

They conquered their long distance relationship for 10 months. During that 10 months of being in a relationship, Dang Tuan was just discreet with regards to his achievements; preferring to remain low key. It was their emotions at work so why focus on each other’s achievements, right?

The time came that he decided to propose to her and she accepted his proposal with excitement. Her parents, however,  worried over their relationship because they hardly knew each other as they just met online. They warned that their daughter would have regrets in the future.

Because true love conquers all, Dang Tuan traveled to Vietnam to ask permission from the parents of Van Anh, and of course, to ask for her hand in marriage.  The parents’ objection  was a challenge. In the end, they softened as the couple seemed adamant to spend their life together. They accepted Dang Tuan to marry their daughter.

The couple began their wedding preparations and that involved taking Van Anh to Russia. It was then that she learned of her fiance’s real life status. Her humble boyfriend turns out to be a rich businessman and the general manager of an international fashion brand. And he’s a millionaire!

In short, her fiance preferred to be loved for who he is and not for what he has. He certainly found out that his girl loves him without knowing he’s well off in life. Awww

The couple got married in a lavish 5-star hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam in April of 2017 and now lives in Russia with their two children.

See? Sometimes, it doesn’t matter where or how you met. It’s how you develop as a couple and how you allow your relationship to keep growing and glowing.

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