Reseller shocked over preloved shirt from ‘ukay-ukay’ after getting offer of P90,000

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When we think of ukay-ukay, we know it’s supposed to be affordable. But is it possible to find a lucky shirt in ukay-ukay worth P90,000?

Going through a bale of ukay-ukay can be exciting. For resellers, it’s a moment of hope that there will be many sellable items.

Image Capture of Video by GMA via Youtube

Shaira Earl Algara is one lucky reseller from Pontevedra, Negros Occidental. She felt like she found the jackpot when one of the items became so in demand that its value rose to P90,000.

According to Shaira, she didn’t expect that an ordinary-looking shirt would be prized that high. She got the shirt from a bale worth P5,500.

She put it on sale for P180, but she was surprised when someone tried to buy it for P500. The prize kept on going higher until it reached P90,000.

“Nagulat po ako. Hindi ko inexpect na ganun pala ang halaga noon,” Shaira said on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

The shirt had the print of a man with the words “Nuff respect.”

Shaira considered the offer and thought of how the money could help her and her family.

In the end, she declined the P90,000 and sold the item to a friend for P17,000.

Image Capture of Video by GMA via Youtube

According to the avid vintage collectors, the shirt was valued so high because it featured the very popular singer, Shabba Ranks. He’s a dance hall artist who is one of the pioneers of reggae music.

Kyle Gianan, a pinoy picker, explained, “P90K? Very very possible. It’s a vintage item and it’s rare. Nakahanap siya ng ginto sa lupa.”

It was very possible that the shirt would be priced that high because it’s a rare vintage find. Collectors said the seller was very lucky indeed!

You can watch the video from GMA News’ YouTube channel:

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