Mum Awarded Honorary Degree For Helping Blind Daughter in Her Law Study

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Turkish mum Havva Kul was hailed ‘Mother of the Year’, and even ‘Mother of the Century’, by social media users due to her extraordinary determination in helping her daughter study at a university.

Havva’s daughter, Berru Merve Kul, is visually impaired and studied law at Sakarya University in Kocaeli, Turkey.

For four straight years, Havva had been accompanying her daughter to the university and reading her lecture notes for the girl.

It was in part due to the mother’s dedication that Berru graduated from the Department of Law with honors; a sacrifice that the school witnessed and felt should be given due honor.

At Berru’s recognition ceremony, the mother and daughter marched together while students and teachers applauded them as they marched towards the podium to receive their respective awards – a Law degree for the daughter and an honorary degree for the mother.

Dean of Faculty of Law at Sakarya University, Professor Mahmut Bilen, also uploaded a video of the ceremony that has gone viral on social media.

“We wanted to thank the mother and the daughter who have shown a great deal of effort,” said Bilen.

Bilen said that Berru’s achievement – graduating with honors from Law course despite her condition – requires great sacrifice.

They, therefore, felt that her achievement should also be shared with her mother.

Twitter users were awed at both the mother’s and the daughter’s dedication and sacrifice.

Some even suggested that an honorary for the mother isn’t enough and that she should also receive a diploma for herself.

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