Fil-Am real estate agent’s modern mobile homes a big hit in San Francisco Bay

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A Filipino-American uses social media to promote the mobile homes he is selling in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Franco Perez is on a mission to help change the perception of living in a mobile home. In the US, Franco explained that mobile homes have a reputation of being cheap and tacky.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN’s YouTube Channel

Franco is among those people who are working at developing these mobile homes to look contemporary and comfortable to live in.

“Mobile Homes have this stigma of trailer trash. But the truth is, we’re working on these communities, developing these communities to look nicer,” he explained on TFC News.

The Fil-Am real estate agent’s job is to turn old mobile homes into appealing and modern homes for everyone.

“I studied it very well. I looked into the options. And this really is the untapped market that people don’t realize how valuable it is,” Franco said.

He shared that there are over 60 mobile parks in their area. They are in key location areas surrounded by huge companies like Google, Samsung, and more.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN’s YouTube channel

Homes are expensive in the San Francisco Bay area. Franco is proud that their mobile homes cost less than $4000.

“When I looked at all the data and real estate. It’s either you’re renting a home for $3000 a month or buying something at $1.4 million. This is very difficult when you’re in the middle class,” Franco said.

Franco understands this situation very well. He revealed that he also lived through a difficult life while growing up.

Image by Franco Mobile Homes via Facebook

He became the family’s breadwinner when he was still in high school. He knew how difficult it was to pay the rent monthly.

Franco shared that it’s truly rewarding for him to see a  family’s happiness of owning a mobile home.

To see more of his videos and in case you have questions about mobile homes, you may visit his ‘Franco Mobile Homes-Bay Area, CA ‘ page.

Franco’s passion has even made it into a book. He published a book entitled, “Mobile Homes: The Secret To Ownership.”

You can watch the video from ABS-CBN’s YouTube Channel:

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