This Dog Has Been Going To The Beach Every Day To Wait For Owner Who Perished In The Sea

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Pet owners can certainly relate to the heartbreaking story of this dog who has been waiting for its fisherman owner who, sadly, will never come back.

Vaguito’s story went viral in Peru after a woman, Jolie Mejía, who had been passing through the area in Punta Negra in Lima, spotted him staring at the sea while sitting on the sand.

Mejia said she was expecting Vaguito to be waiting for its master since the dog looked clean and well-fed.

After spending several minutes with the animal, the woman realized no one is actually coming to fetch Vaguito after a man approached them and narrated the dog’s sad tale.

According to the man, Vaguito used to be owned by a fisherman and they used to be seen together wherever they go.

The strong bond between them is undeniable because the dog would always accompany his master before departing for his next fishing trip.

Sadly, the fisherman perished in the sea years ago and that was the last time Vaguito saw his owner.

Nevertheless, Vaguito will not skip a day when it would go to the beach and wait for the fisherman to return.

“He told us that the dog had lived with a fisherman who passed away some time ago, and that, since then, he comes here every day and looks at the sea, waiting for him to come back,” Jojie wrote in the now viral Facebook post.

Apparently, Vaguito is also very popular with the locals in the village who are all aware of the dog’s tragic plight.

They said the animal would spend hours staring at the sea before going home to its new owner but he will always come back the next day.

The village has agreed to jointly take care of Vaguito and he now stays in a home just a few walks from the beach.

This is so heartbreaking, but on the bright side, more people are caring for Vaguito.

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