Thai Man Lives ‘Peacefully’ With 7 Wives Who Are All Absolutely Gorgeous

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A man in Thailand has gone viral for his extraordinary marital ‘achievement’; that is, living with seven wives under one roof.

Ong Dam Sorot, the young polygamist, is a tattoo artist specializing in the traditional yantra style, according to Oddity Central.

In a recent interview where he shared his story, Sorot said there has never been any problem in their home even if he is sharing it with his seven wives.

The women, who are all not only young but also equally gorgeous, agreed that their husband is the ‘kindest, most considerate man on Earth’ they have ever met and they get along well without issues.

“He treats us so well, we have nothing to quarrel about,” they said.

Sorot’s first wife is Nong Sprite whom he met at a wedding. His second and third are Nong Al and Nong Nan whom he met at the market and the hospital, respectively.

His other wives are Maprang (4th), Peary (5th), and Nong Muay (6th) whom he all met via social media. His 7th wife, Nong Film, meanwhile, he met while visiting Phra Pathom Chedi temple.

He claims to have an eight wife whom he met while vacationing in Pattay with his other wives. She, however was not shown in the video.

People are wondering how he was able to maintain a ‘peaceful and happy life’ while at the same time living with different women who can be assumed to be competing for his love and attention.

Sorot said, he just told them to be completely honest with him at all times.

Also, every woman in his family has their duty and ‘they earn their keep’ by dong chores, or by selling different products such as food and cosmetics.


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