Penniless Man Having Just Rice, Water as Meal Receives Help From Fastfood and Netizen

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A netizen took pity on this man who was not only hungry but also penniless as he could only  pay for a cup of rice in a fastfood.

Earl Archievan Calixtro, the netizen who spotted the poor guy, recounts the heartwarming story in a Facebook post.

Earl said he was eating lunch at a McDonald’s branch near SM in San Fernando, Pampanga when a disheveled man entered and went straight to the fastfood counter.

The man then sat beside his table; waiting for his order.

The sharer said he was stunned and immediately took pity on the man when he saw that he ordered only a single cup of rice, ‘though it came with a small cup of water.

Earl then approached the man he called ‘Tatay’ and asked if he wanted to eat some more food.

The guy said yes and admitted he was indeed very hungry but could only pay for a cup of rice because he doesn’t have enough money.

Earl went to the counter to order something for the man, but was surprised to find there were already some chicken fillet on the table when he came back. Apparently, it came from the fastfood crew.

He said he just let the man bring the food he ordered for him so he could eat them later.

From their short conversation, the netizen gathered that the man came from Tacloban City and went to Pampanga to look for a job. Unfortunately, the COVID lockdown left him stranded and he was unable to return home.

The sharer was hoping others could also extend financial help to ‘Tatay’ so he could finally be reunited with his family.

Netizens praised Earl, as well as the fastfood, for their kindness and for not letting  an opportunity to help other people pass especially in this very challenging times.

Stories like this are priceless; a reminder that kindness should be a cycle among cycle.

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