Despite Being a ‘Millionaire’, This Pinay Overseas Worker In Dubai Chose To Remain Working For Her Employer

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When Rosie Vargas Villa won 70,000 dirhams (approx. P1-M) after winning the UAE Best Nanny Award in 2018, everyone, including her employer, expected her to pack her bag and go back home.

Well, it didn’t happen.

Rosie said with conviction, ‘pera lang ‘yan’ (it’s only money), but she could not leave her employer because they have been very kind to her and she has learned to love her ward like her own child.

Rosie shared she had been to many countries including India, Hong Kong, Singapore and France working as an OFW.

When opportunity came to work in Dubai, she immediately grabbed it. It was a  decision she will never regret.

Rosie described herself as dedicated to her job. She loves her job so much and made sure her employers are happy and contented whenever they are home. In fact, she made a schedule of her chores and follow them strictly.

This is probably the reason why her employers trusted her so much and treated her like family.

Besides, Rosie admitted she has learned to love her employees’ children like her own.

After winning the prize money as the UAE Best Nanny for her selfless service to her employer, her Filipino  friends thought she would be returning to the Philippines for good.

“Maraming nagtanong, milyonarya ka na bakit ka nandito,” Rosie narrated in an interview with GMA Pinoy TV.

“Hala, pera lang ‘yun. Aanhin ko naman ‘yun. Mauubos lang ‘yun eh,” would be her usual answer.

“Ikako, ‘yung alaga ko ‘di iyan maiwan. Oo may anak ako sa Pilipinas, pero naiintindihan na niya. Itong mga bata, ayaw kong maiwan nang ganun na lang, bigla. Kasi nga ako ang nagpalaki sa kanila,” she added.

Rosie said she could replace her job anytime, but she may never find another employer like the ones she has now.

“Sobra pa sa milyon ‘yun eh. Siguro dadalhin ko na habang buhay yung magandang pagsasamahan namin dito,” she shared.

Watch Rosie’s story:

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