Man Follows His Wife To Work Daily Without Fail, His Reason Will Break Your Heart

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Here is a very touching short film about a man’s unconditional love and devotion to his wife that will surely break anyone’s heart.

The short clip, aptly titled, ‘Blind Devotion’, is a project created by Jubilee Project the purpose of which is to inspire people with uplifting stories.

Some may have already watched the film on other sites since this was released earlier, but we are nonetheless posting it here because of its timeless profound message, especially for married couples.

Here’s a short synopsis without spoiling the story in its entirety:

Louie and Cecilia are a happily married couple whose devotion to each other is only matched by their love for each other.

It was indeed an almost perfect marriage until one day Cecilia was afflicted with an illness. For her, the role of a dedicated wife should not be jeopardized by her affliction; thus, she continued with the usual way and rejected any help from her husband even if it means an everyday struggle.

For him, he tried to patiently understand his wife and remains devoted to her, even if she seldom realized it.

The film was directed by Edward Young Lee with Mei Melancon as Cecilia and Jun Kim as Louie.

Blind Devotion is the second in a series mini-film by Project Jubille following the equally touching “You and Me Forever.”

The clip has become viral on You Tube with over 24-million views already. The film was also widely shared on social media and has received mostly positive feedback.

“From beginning to end, this short subtly examines what it means to truly love another person. Instead of focusing on the passionate aspects of love that Hollywood films tend to dote on, ‘Blind Devotion’ fixes its gaze on the delicate and minute actions of the day-to-day that express a deep and powerful level of love and companionship,” wrote The San Francisco Globe in praise of the film.

Watch it here and make sure to have a box of tissue ready within arm’s length:

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