This Viral Video of Husband Sharing Final Moments With His Late Wife Will Make You Cry   

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This loving husband made sure his ailing wife’s final days will be a memory that’s worth remembering.

Jayr Atabalanco shared on Facebook their final moments together as he professed his love for his beautiful wife when she was still by his side before succumbing to an undisclosed terminal illness.

In one of the videos, the couple can be seen lying on two hammocks, side by side, kissing each other’s hand, while listening to a song.

While he tried hard to appear strong for his wife while fighting back tears, his eyes seemingly  just couldn’t hide the pain he was going through.

“You are still the best even at your weakest…no more pain, my beloved wife,” the husband captioned the video which has gone viral on Facebook.

“My love for you is eternity & beyond… thank you for loving me,” he added.

From his past posts on Facebook, it was gathered that his wife had just given birth to their son a few months ago.

Jayr’s wife passed away in November of last year but he still keeps on sharing videos of her, especially their happy days together when she was still healthy.

Netizens who watched the videos couldn’t help but feel emotional for the husband who truly loves his wife even after her last days on earth.

Theirs, indeed, is a story of pure love cut short by fate.  Continue to be strong for your child.

Watch the video below but keep your tissues handy:





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