Groom Almost Marries Wrong Bride After Google Maps Brought Him To Another Venue

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Nowadays, many people rely on navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze to help them get to unfamiliar destinations.

But how reliable really are these navigation maps?

If you’ll ask this Indonesian man, he’ll probably tell you that it almost cost him his marriage.

A report from local news outlet TribuNews narrated the hilarious experience of a man who almost married the wrong bride because Google Maps directed him to the wrong house.

Coincidentally, there was also an ongoing engagement celebration taking place at that venue which made him think they were in the right place since it was the same location highlighted on Google Maps in the first place.

With an entourage  in tow, and food and gifts in hand, the groom confidently entered the house with his kin. They then started taking their seats after setting down the food at the banquet.

At the same time, the bride’s family and the visitors present in that venue also thought it was the groom they were waiting to arrive.

While it was not clear how both of the parties discovered the confusion, a video showed the groom leaving minutes later with his entourage, and again with the foods and the gifts they brought.

The man can then be seen apologizing to the giggling crowd, embarrassed by the mix-up, before leaving the venue while waving to the camera.

Ulfa, the real bride at that venue explained she was busy getting her hair and makeup done so she had no idea what was going on outside her room.

Also, she was expecting her groom to be delayed but her family did not realize it was the wrong group that came.

“But my family welcomed them and they proceeded to exchange gifts,” she said.

Ulfa also maintained their location was pinned correctly in Google Maps and poor internet connection may have caused the mix-up due to the small size of their village.

It was reported later that the first groom and his entourage eventually made it to the right wedding and got married to his real bride.

But due to his experience, he’ll probably ditch Google Maps from now on and ask for direction  from people instead. Lol

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