Woman Stuck In Her Blind Date’s Home Due To Lockdown Ends Up Getting Engaged To Him

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She got stuck at her blind date’s haven and ended up being his fiancee? Now, that’s’ quite a love story to tell.

A Chinese woman, who was trapped in her blind date’s house because of a sudden COVID-19 lockdown, eventually ended up getting engaged to the man.

A Global Times story about the couple said 28-year-old Zhao Xiaoqing from Baoji, northwest of China’s Shaanxi Province, travelled some 140 kilometers to meet her blind date, Zhao Fei, who is living in Xianyang in mid-December last year.


However, a sudden lockdown imposed in the province forced her to stay at Zhao’s home as she was not allowed to leave and travel back again.

“I was going to visit his parents and head home. I even did not want to stay over. It is awkward,” Zhao narrated.

The woman admitted it felt awkward to be staying at her blind date’s home at first, but his parents and family were good to her. She finally got used to the set up and felt comfortable later on.

A week later, the man’s parents tried to convince them to get married but she had hesitations and felt it was still too early so she turned down the proposal.

About three weeks into the lockdown, Zhao Xiaoqing and Zhao Fei eventually developed a relationship.  She also discovered they had many things in common and felt ‘their souls are compatible’.

Zhao also revealed she was not impressed with her date’s look in the picture but was surprised he was actually better looking in person.

“I very much treasure the love between us. This is the biggest harvest for me in the year of 2021. I am thankful for this special karma,” she said.

The two plan to formalize their engagement once the lockdown is lifted and she’s finally allowed to leave his house and go home.

Also, both agreed to wait for six months before tying the knot as they do not want to be ‘impulsive’.

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