Who is the mom? 40-year-old mother looks as young as her 19-year-old daughter

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It is quite common for children to look like their parents. Like the common saying stated, “An apple does not fall far from the tree” to imply that children are usually similar to their parents. While these may be true, netizens were still surprised to see photos of Ayumi Kawabata and her daughter from Japan.


Image by Ayumi Kawabata via Instagram

While many praised them for their good looks, many couldn’t help but be amazed. The mother and daughter looked so close in age that many believed them to be sisters!

The beautiful mother is 40-year-old Ayumi Kawabata and her 19-year-old daughter. Even at her age, Ayumi looks as young as her daughter that many often get confused who the mother is.

More than the pretty face, Ayumi’s strength in facing the challenges of her life is also impressive. According to a report by The Good Times, Ayumi is a hardworking single mother.

Ayumi is a proud single mom

She was studying in a university when she got pregnant. So, she dropped out of school to get married. However, Ayumi’s marriage ended when she was 26 years old. After the divorce, she returned to school to finish her education. Since then, she has been raising her equally pretty daughter on her own.


Image by Ayumi Kawabata via Instagram

Despite being courted by many, the pretty single mom said she is not in a hurry to fall in love again. She’d rather be single and happy.

Secrets to her youthful looks

When asked about her secret to her youthful looks, Ayumi said it’s all about taking care of herself. She pays attention to skin care and uses sun protection. She also moisturizes and rejuvenates twice a week. To keep her slim physique, Ayumi promotes proper blood circulation and has been practicing yoga for five years now.

It is also not surprising that the pretty mom is a beauty queen. She joined the “Japanese National Beauty Contest” and won a runner-up position. Truly, life begins at 40 for Ayumi!

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