Thai Beauty Queen Kneels Before Her ‘Garbage Collector’ Mother to Offer Her Win

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Many say that that success is nothing if we don’t get to share it with our family. For Khanitta “Mint” Phasaeng, her victory as the winner of the Miss Uncensored News Thailand beauty pageant was also a win for her mother.

mint garbage collector

Image by The Good Times

Back in 2015, when Mint won the prestigious Thai beauty pageant, her life story caught the attention of many. Wearing her crown and sash, Mint kneeled before her mother amid the trash bins as recognition of her efforts as a garbage collector. Before she became a pageant queen, Mint joined her mom in garbage collecting as their source of income. Now that she has achieved success, she offers her win to her mother.

According to Mint, she has nothing to be ashamed of. She admitted to growing up in poverty and it was garbage collecting that helped send her to school. While these happened years ago, her photos and story went viral again as it earned the praise of many when it was shared on The Good Times.

“I am very proud of it. Rubbish collection is an honest profession. I grew up having enough to eat, was able to finish high school because my rubbish-collecting mother supported me,” said Mint.

Mint garbage collector

Image by The Good Times

“It is probably not much for other people but for my mother and I, every single baht that we earn is precious,” she added.

Mint has nothing but admiration and pride for her hardworking mother. The beauty queen said their job is honest and she is proud of the struggles they went through.

“What I have today is because of my mother. She and I make a living by doing honest work, so there is no reason why I should feel inferior,” Mint said.

If Mint was proud, imagine the happiness her mom must have felt too! This inspiring story goes to show how we must learn to look back at our parents whenever we reach our dreams.

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