Mom Makes Life-Size Cardboard Cut-Outs of Herself To Stop Clingy Baby from Crying

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Any mother with a baby or a toddler knows how they can be extremely clingy. From cooking in the kitchen even to the personal bath time, moms are often being hounded by their clingy little kids. While it’s true that we should spend more time with our babies, mothers also know how difficult it is to juggle time.

Mothers are often torn on attending to their babies and doing household chores. A little time away from the child is also good for the baby and the mother. But it’s a daunting task to leave a clingy baby behind. Once mom leaves the room, a wailing baby is sure on the way!

mom cut-outs

Image by sato_nezi via Twitter

A creative mother in Japan found an ingenious way to keep her clingy from crying whenever she’s not around. On Twitter, a user from Japan @sato_nezi, shared a hilarious yet brilliant hack to trick their son to stay calm even when they are not in front of him.

According to the couple, they decided to create life-size cutouts of the mother to fool their one-year-old boy into believing that his mother is constantly nearby.

There are two variations of the life-size cut-outs perfect for their baby’s favorite activities. In the living room where their toddler liked to play, a seated version of “mommy” is set up.

mom cut-outs

Image by sato_nezi via Twitter

There is also a standing version of the cut-out that shows “mommy” giving the baby a warm smile. It’s usually placed in the kitchen.

And it works! A video was also posted showing the mother sneaking away from the baby and setting up the “mommy” standee. The baby seems to fall for the trick as he continued playing with no fuss.

The father explained their dilemma. His tweet was translated by The Good Times stating, “It’s hard because my one-year-old, mum, cry as soon as she disappears from sight. As a countermeasure, I experimented with what would happen if I set up a ‘life-sized panel mother’”.


Image by sato_nezi via Twitter

While this may have been posted years ago, it has recently gone viral again as netizens loved this parenting hack. Many said this is perfect for when mommy needs a breather. Always remember happy, well-rested mommy results to a happy baby as well!

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