Girl with Down syndrome who doctors wanted to ‘put in institution’ becomes top model

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A teenager with Down syndrome is breaking down the barriers as she becomes a top model. Years ago when Kennedy Garcia was born, her mother refused to put her up for adoption. Now, Kennedy is enjoying the best life as she proves everyone wrong.

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Image by Kennedy Garcia via Facebook

Everybody knows that raising a child with a genetic disorder would be challenging. When Kennedy Garcia was born with Down syndrome, her mother Renee was advised by doctors to place her in an institution or put her up for adoption.

Mom Renee refuses to give up Kennedy

Renee was told that her daughter will have no quality of life and will spend her entire life wearing diapers. She revealed that a kind midwife motivated her to keep the baby. She described Kennedy as “beautiful” and shared that she too has a daughter with Down syndrome and was able to live a comparatively normal life. Mom Renee was determined to give Kennedy the life she deserves.

Becoming a model

Before Kennedy reached the limelight of success as a top model, her journey wasn’t easy. Aside from having leukemia, Kennedy had to undergo a dangerous spine operation. But the brave young girl survived everything, and she didn’t look back. Kennedy took dancing lessons and modeling classes.

Now, Kennedy has regular work as a model and TV extra, and is a social media star with over 130,000 followers on Instagram. She is signed under the KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management agency. She regularly flies from her home in Colorado Springs to Hollywood and New York for work. Kennedy has posed for big US brand such as Justice Clothing, American Girl, and Disney.

kennedy model

Image by Kennedy Garcia via Facebook

To top it all off, Kennedy even has a devoted boyfriend, Mathew, whom she met when she was 12 years old.

Renee couldn’t be any more proud of how her daughter grew up and enjoyed life. When doors were closing in on Kennedy because of her condition, the mother didn’t surrender. Rather, she  strived to give her the best life she could offer.

“I felt devastated when the pediatrician told me I needed to put her in an institution. It’s shocking how misinformed they all are, and that was only 15 years ago. I feel there is progress. Kennedy was quite welcome wherever we went,” Renee was quoted by The Good Times.

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