Get to know Julia Vins, the doll-faced powerlifter

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Have you ever met a woman who looks like a Barbie doll from the neck up? If yes, she could be one of the prettiest women you have ever encountered.

On the other hand, have you already met a body builder? Then, if you’ve already had, you should probably be very careful not to mess with such a man because he could probably break your bones.

But what if I tell you that there is a woman who is as beautiful as a Barbie doll from the neck up but with a very huge body built same as Incredible Hulk’s? Yes, such a woman exists. She is Julia Vins, a 25-year-old powerlifter from Engel, Russia.

Julia Vins started going to the gym when she was just 15 years old. She wanted to be more confident in her life, and likewise, to improve her fitness level. From that day on, her life changed. Back then, she was a typical lady with a slender body and she was regularly compared to a pretty doll when she was still a child.

She did good in her academics and even excelled in music and arts, but apparently, she was not really happy. One day she decided to hit the gym and went on weight training. She found the meaning of her life thereon.

She underwent men’s training at a gym and her coach saw her potential in weightlifting. Since then Vins had been very passionate in powerlifting. Unbelievably for a chic girl, she can deadlift 400 pounds and that’s the average weight of an adult male lion.

Because of her beauty and physique, she earned the title of the “Muscle Barbie.” She became famous on instagram and gained millions of followers.

She has garnered three world records; hitting a 180kg squat, 105 kg bench press and 165kg deadlift. She had undergone a series of competitions throughout Russia and Europe. She won the world championship in Russia in 2016. She keeps on working to achieve greater heights. Great job, Julia Vins!

She shared in one of her IG video post that “If you want to see fast progress in back growth, you need to focus on “big” muscles first – traps and lats.”

In another IG post, she shared how she does her ‘Shoulders workout’:

Dumbbell lateral raise 15 reps*4 sets
Seated dumbbell press 15 reps *4 sets
Upright row 12 reps*3 sets
Cable rear delt row 15 reps*3 sets
Front barbell raise 12 reps*3 sets

(Photo credit: Julia Vins’ Instagram)

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