Despite Having Big Income, Couple Chooses to Live Secluded in the Mountain

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A couple from Anping Village, Shaanxi Province, China, decided to live a life away from people in a far away mountain.

living in the mountain

Image by The Good Times

It is indeed true that money isn’t everything. While money can buy our needs, it isn’t always the answer to our happiness. A 51-year old farmer, Wang Xinming and his wife decided to live in a deep ravine called Taoyuan. Their decision isn’t because they couldn’t afford a life in the city but because they want a peaceful mountain life.

In the deep valley of the mountains, the couple are the only human inhabitants. With fertile land, fresh air, and the sounds of the bird and animals, they have everything they need.

Xinming and his wife own 130 hectares of chestnut gardens. They also have 2 hectares of konjac, more than 500 square meters of gastrodia, and raise 20 to 30 bee boxes. They grow several green vegetables and plant black mushrooms.

living in the mountain

Image by The Good Times

They earn over 100,000 yuan (approximately P790,000) with their fresh produce. With their two children living good jobs in the city, the couple have more than enough money for them.

According to a report by The Good Times, the couple says life in the mountains is so much better in the busy city life. They said they enjoy the freedom and peaceful life of not having neighbors.

They were also able to secure electricity even in the mountains. So, the couple still gets to see news updates on their TV and radio. Initially, the path leading to their home in the mountain was too steep and small, only meant for walking. Now, they have widened it a bit, enough for their motorcycle to pass.

While everyone wants to experience peace living in the mountains once in a while, not everyone can last longer than Xinming and his wife. They have been in the secluded mountain for decades already. In fact, they have been here since they got married. What a commitment to live away in the secluded mountain!

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