Andi Eigenmann defends Philmar from accusations he stole from typhoon donations

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Andi Eigenmann defended her partner Philmar Alipayo from accusations he stole from donations for typhoon Odette victims.

Amid the crisis brought about by the typhoon Odette, the actress clarified that Philmar would never take advantage of the situation. Philmar, who is a native of Siargao, was one of those who called for assistance for his hometown. Andi even announced that earnings from their YouTube channel will be donated for the benefit of those affected by the typhoon.

Andi Eigenmann

Image by Andi Eigenmann via Instagram

Despite their efforts to help Siargao, Andi said Philmar is being accused of stealing from donations. On Instagram, the actress lamented how the accusations have no basis at all. She also shared how disappointed she is at how low some people judge Philmar.

Andi hurt with accusations against Philmar

“Philmar just got back to Siargao and left me and the kids behind with a heavy heart in order to go and see our family and see what more we could do to help,” Andi wrote on Instagram stories.

“It is very sad to know that he is being accused of stealing donations when he even specifically ignored his chance to use his platform to ask for them, since he’s willing to use his own money just to help our community out,” she added.

According to Andi, some people think her fiancè isn’t capable of earning and it hurts to be judged that way.

“Just so hurtful that it always seems to be so hard to believe that my fiancé has his own money to spend too because he works to earn it,” Andi lamented.


Image by Andi Eigenmann via Facebook

Philmar is a simple man

The YouTuber described Philmar as a simple man who doesn’t ask too much in life. Andi added that helping Siargao was on top of their priorities.

“Now with some, he is still the same simple man who doesn’t really need much. Just for his kids to have a good life. Which is why it isn’t hard for him to share his blessings to HIS HOME,” she remarked.

In the end, Andi shared one of her conversations with Philmar who assured her that he would be fine.

“Before he left I kept telling him to take care. And he kept assuring me he will be okay by saying, ‘Mahal, I am used to having nothing. We are used to having no bed to sleep on, no aircon, no purified water, no proper food to eat. I WILL BE OK,’” she stated.

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