22-year-old Pretty Lady Intrigues Netizens at How She Became a Judge

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22-year-old Leanna Leonardo has captivated the interest of many netizens when her photos wearing a judge’s robe have gone viral.

leanna leandro

Image by The Good Times

It began on Twitter, when a user posted a photo of a beautiful woman wearing a judge’s robe. Many were intrigued not only because the lady was obviously pretty but at how she became a judge at a young age. Using the power of social media, hawk-eyed netizens easily identified the mystery lady as Leanna Leonardo.

Leanna as a law student

The trending lady clarified that while she was wearing a judge’s robe, she is indeed still a student, according to a report by The Good Times. Leanna is studying law at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The viral photo was taken during a moot or a mock judicial proceeding.

Many started stalking her on her social media accounts and have praised her for her beauty and brains. On Instagram, she has over 222,000 followers. She posts about her everyday life, family and food. It is also not surprising that Leanna models and promotes some products. Leanna also has advocacies that she supports such as the Waste4Change program that promotes recycling.


Image by Leanna Leonardo via Instagram

Like any influencer, Leanna enjoys unboxing videos and posts about her skincare routine. Leanna also has a dog, a dachshund named Peanut. Another fun fact about Leanna is that she likes the water. She said she enjoys visiting the beach or any place she can take a dip, even in the wee hours of the night.

Going viral

On Instagram, she said in jest that she is not a member of the Indonesian version of Japan’s famous girl group AKB48, JKT48 and appealed to people not to kidnap her.

And this isn’t the first time Leanna’s good looks gained attention online. She also went viral about two years ago.

While many netizens couldn’t help but profess their attraction towards the pretty lady, Leanna’s heart already belongs to her boyfriend.

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