Apples in PH? Student Successfully Expands His Apple Farm in Davao

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An agricultural student from Davao demonstrated that apple cultivation is possible in the Philippines by expanding his farm.

Kennedy, Benzone F. Sepe understands how difficult it is to cultivate apples in a tropical nation like the Philippines. However, residing in Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur, where the climate is mild, makes it a great location for him to cultivate them.

apple farm
Image by Kennedy, Benzone F. Sepe via Facebook

Curiosity fueled him to plant his first apple tree

Out of mere curiosity, the 30-year-old student began producing apples seven years ago. He snatched three seeds from an apple he was munching on. He then began planting them in seashells and transferred them to seedling bags when they were about five inches tall. Unfortunately, only one seedling survived.

In September 2018, Sepe began harvesting the first apples from his apple tree. Initially, he receives 30 to 35 fruits from the same tree every harvest.

At last, Sepe is now enjoying the results of his effort. He now has between 250 and 300 apple trees. He produces this fruit in three locations: his 600-square-meter garden, in front of their church, and on a half-hectare plot of ground he rents.

“If you want to start growing apples from seeds, you have to plant as many as you can, 100 or more apple seeds if possible,” Sepe explained with The Manila Bulletin.

Kapatagan Apple Orchard, Rare Fruit Farm, and Nursery

Sepe’s farm is knowns as the Kapatagan Apple Orchard, Rare Fruit Farm, and Nursery. There, he grows a variety of apples including Fuji, Golden Dorsett, Starking, Granny Smith, Gala, Red love Odysso, Russet, and more.

apple farm
Image by Kennedy, Benzone F. Sepe via Facebook

Additionally, Sepe also cultivates pears, persimmons, peaches, Hass avocados, oranges, durians, grapes, strawberries, guavas, and vegetables.

Meanwhile, Sepe wants to share his knowledge and tips in farming and apple cultivation. He maintains his agri-vlog on Facebook and on his YouTube channel.

Check out Sepe’s vlog on apple cultivation via his Youtube channel:

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