6 na Taong Gulang na Bata, Ginamit ang kanyang Birthday Money para Bilhan ng Gold Ring ang Ina

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Imagine yourself when you were still a child. What will you do if you are given the money? Many children would think that they will use the money to buy toys and some of the children will think to save it for their future.

There’s this one child from Malaysia who did very sweet act on his birthday money. Instead of buying toys for him, he chose to buy a gold ring for his mother.

His proud mom Sumarnie Edison shared the story in her facebook page regarding his son, Afiq. According to her, her son Afiq just turned 6 years old. During his birthday, he received RM5 or that’s equivalent to Php 60.

Afiq and his father went to the barbershop and his mom was just left at home. While waiting for his turn, Afiq saw a jewelry shop across the street. Thinking that he had the money, without knowing the real value of the jewelry, he decided to buy the ring for his mom.

The young boy convince his dad to help him buy the ring for his mother. But his dad refused at first knowing that their money is not enough to buy the gold ring, instead he only budgeted RM300 (Php 3,500) for the gift. So the boy picked another ring that’s worth RM260 (Php 3,050).

Afiq happily counted his money, his birthday money and savings to pay for this ring. His dad only spent RM70 (Php825) and the rest was Afiq’s own money.

Afiq’s dad sent a picture to his mom and told Sumarnie to pretend that she doesn’t know about his son’s gift.

With this, Afiq is very excited to surprise his mom that he bought her a gold ring using his own money.

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