Heart Evangelista starts to give 500 tablets to the children

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With the pandemic that we are experiencing right now, we are force to face in the new normal. We are also urged to refrain from gathering in public places and that includes suspension of regular classes in school. Work from home is encouraged as well as studying from home. But learning still needs to be continued even though in the rise of this pandemic. As a way of continuing education, the government encouraged to just let students stay home and do online classes.

Not every students have tablets, smartphones or ipads for them to participate in online classes. Heart Evangelista, the wife of the Governor of Sorsogon Chiz Escudero, gives 550 tablets to those children who need it the most to help them with the new normal in attending classes. Her love for artwork helped her raise funds to purchase those tablets.

Source Heart Evangelista’s Instagram

In her twitter account, she posted a picture of herself with a pile of boxes with tablets in it delivered in her home.

She then says, “My struggles in life are unknown to many but art, fashion and expressing myself has always helped me cope with my not so fairytale life.The time, hardwork and love that I put out in this artwork was well worth it as the proceeds have allowed me to purchase 550 tablets for angels.”

She announced on her twitter last Thursday, June 4 that she will be giving away tablets to the students who can not afford to buy one for their online classes. It went viral and until she posted that she has already purchased those tablets.

The 550 tablets are just the first batch to give away. Heart Evangelista is also very active in donating cash and groceries in the middle of pandemic.

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