Celebrities and their Jobs before they Became Famous

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We see successful people and we often think that getting their success is just a snap of a finger. But we do not know their struggles upon reaching the top.

For success to happen, one should be determined, hard-working, patient, discipline and process-oriented. Just like some of the famous TV personalities who have became successful in their field have gone through a process. They are not born to be celebrities but they have learned and embrace to become one.

Here are some of the compilation of the showbiz personalities and their humble beginnings:

1. Jericho Rosales aka Echo

He was previously a service crew of a pizza restaurant and a personal driver before he became a famous television actor.

2.  Richard Gomez

A politician and an actor and he used to be a service crew in a fast food chain restaurant.

3. Nora Aunor

She was once a vendor near a train station and sell water and peanuts before she was known as the “Grand Dame of the Philippine Cinema”

4. Diether Ocampo

He was a former bartender near ABS-CBN before he was famous in showbiz.

5. Kim Domingo

Known as “Asia’s Fantasy and she was once a promo girl in a liquor company. She is now an actress, model, internet personality and television presenter.

6. Marvin Agustin

He was once a food vendor and a waiter before owning various restaurants and he is also an actor and an entrepreneur.

7. Fernando Poe Jr.

He used to be a stuntman before he was known as the “King of the Philippine Movies”.

8. Marc Pingris

He used to sell fish and ice buko before becoming a professional basketball player.

9. Dolphy

He used to be a shoe-cleaner before becoming an actor and a comedian. He is known as the “Comedy King”.

10. Willie Revillame

He used to be a jeepney barker and a newspaper boy. He is now a millionaire, a tv host and a businessman.

11. Coco Martin

He was once a janitor in Canada and do indie films. He is now one of the country’s famous actor.

12. Manny Pacquiao 

He is one of the most inspiring man that’s known internationally. Before he became a boxing champ and a politician, he was once a sampaguita vendor, construction worker and a baker. 

Those were just the people who prove that your current situation now is just temporary. If you work hard, there is still a big hope that what you dream of will be realized. Get inspired, be motivated and work hard to achieve your dream! 

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