Andi Eigenmann chooses to live a simple life in an Island

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A lot of people is dreaming to live a luxurious life. Many would wish to live in a big mansion with a lot of servants serving them. Others is just contented living in a simple lifestyle. Happiness of a person varies from the other, whether they wanted to love in a luxurious lifestyle or a simple lifestyle.

Andi Eigenmann, a famous actress in the Philippine television chooses a simple life in a province. She gave up many things just to be happy. She is currently living in Siargao with her partner Philmar and her two children, Ellie and Lilo.

Photo from Andi Eigenmann’s Instagram account
Photo from Andi Eigenmann’s Instagram

Philmar and Andi posted in their social media account last June 5 that Andi realized that she is happy living in an Island.

Photo from Andi Eigenmann’s Instagram

Andi stated in her post”Na-realize ko lang na itong lugar na’to, dito ako nababagay. I sold everything that I felt was an idea of luxury that I didn’t need. I don’t own cars, any designer clothes, bags-lahat ng pang-artistang ‘yan, make-up, lahat ‘yan wala na. Kahit mga kasama sa bahay,yaya, driver wala na lahat.”

As seen in her social media account, she is enjoying the island life with her family. She often go to the beach since she is already staying in Siargao. Go on fishing to have something to eat.

Many netizens praised Andi about her decision. Even one netizen caught Andi, riding in a motorcycle holding a container of water. That shows how simple she is. The photo of Andi has reached thousands of shares and comments.

Saw Andi here in Siargao last week and wala sya keyme kag arte magdala sang large water tub while nakaangkas sa motor kasama hubby nya.😍 Still gorg and classy bisan indi magporma!😊 #SimpleLife #IslandGirl
Photo from Contessa Aubrea Paraico-Carnaje Facebook

Here are some of the positive feedbacks of the netizens regarding Andi’s decision;

“You are a great inspiration Andi! Everyone should make a life, not a living!”

“And you look prettier now, Andi, without all those luxuries. Happiness is really priceless.”

“I remember you entered pbb house and that you don’t even know how to clean plates. And now seeing you making bowl out of a coconut shell is true essence of happiness.”

What are your thoughts on Andi Eigenmann’s decision? Share it in the comment section.

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